How to Make Memory Foam Mattress Cooler

How to make memory foam mattress cooler

How to Make Memory Foam Mattress Cooler

Memory Foam Mattresses are nonconductors of heat and this can pose a problem when sleeping at night. Your body heat can remain trapped between you and the foam mattress thus making the whole place over hot for you at night. This inability to allow heat to pass through can create some level of discomfort for you especially if the ambient temperature itself is warm.

However, that is not the end of the road for your Memory Foam Mattress. There is always a way around every problem. The good news here is that you can make your mattress cooler. But how?

Here are a few steps to take to make your memory foam mattress cooler:

MATTRESS COVER: If you have been wondering how to make memory foam mattress cooler, then you need to think of getting a mattress cover. Using a mattress cover will help keep your mattress cool without you losing your comfort. Be sure to buy a good quality as this determines your comfort. It is designed to keep you at a cool temperature as it disseminates heat drawn from your body through the mattress cover. Soft, breathable mattress covers would help alleviate the heat.

Another reason why a mattress cover is advised is so as to keep your memory foam mattress away from dirt stains which means a longer life for your mattress.

MATTRESS TOPPER: Having a Mattress Topper is also another option for you. You need not be scared of losing the comfort your Memory foam mattress offers provided you choose the right topper. Generally, Mattress toppers range from 2- 10 inches, and they come in thin layers. It is preferable to choose a topper between 1-3 inches for your memory foam mattress in order to retain comfort.

  • Cotton A cotton topper is preferable and recommended as it is breathable, non-allergenic and a good insulator of heat. Have it placed in between the memory foam mattress and the fitted sheet and experience the cooler mattress.
  • Another type is the Wool Topper which is warm and cool to the body. It is quite resistant to mold and bacteria as well as being supportive. Wool Topper will give you the warmth you deserve and with its soft and supportive nature, you will surely have your joints relaxed. People faced with asthma, breathing difficulties or even having allergic reactions will find Wool Topper most suitable.
  • Gel Topper is capable of keeping you cool all through the night. It is exceptional in its design because it has an in-filling of gel particles which is responsible for the passage of much air. It supports the body, relieves body pains and pressure and even gives comfort to the body.
  • Egg Crate toppers are also good for cooling your Memory Foam Mattress. It is certain to give support to the body and ease body aches and it’s breathable.

BED FAN: If you still do not know how to cool down a memory foam mattress, you to make use of a bed fan. A bed fan can also be used to cool your Memory Foam Mattress. It spreads air under the sheets and also takes air underneath the bed. Bed fans are quite different from other fans. They can be personalized in such a way that rightly suits the height of your bed and also with their almost noiseless nature, your sleep is never perturbed. Attached to the bed fan is a wireless remote for adjusting the speed anytime.

A COOL BATH: Your body temperature can be reduced if you have a cool bath before going to bed. This will to keep you away from sweating at least for some hours while asleep.

UNDER YOUR MATTRESS: What is your mattress sitting on? What your mattress is sitting on can determine if you will have limited or unlimited flow of air below your mattress. A platform bed that is slatted is ideal for this purpose.

PYJAMAS: Do you still want to know Make Memory Foam Mattress Cooler? What type of night wears do you put on when in bed? Make use of breathable clothing like cotton in order not to sweat all night and have uncomfortable nights.

The Verdict:
Don’t allow yourself to experience sleeps without comfort. You must have a good night rest if you must do your work in good health. You have opportunities and available options to make your memory foam mattress cooler. Don’t manage your health! Whatsoever fabrics you use at night must be breathable and soft enough to ensure a cooler memory foam mattress and a lovely night sleep. You don’t want to sweat all through the night!

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