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Buffy Eco Friendly Comforter

Best Warm and Eco – Friendly Buffy Comforter in 2019

by mostafizur

Are you looking for a down alternative comforter for the colder months? Check out the Buffy comforter.

The Buffy down alternative comforter is a great option if you want an eco-friendly comforter. It is made with eucalyptus that is sustainably sourced from Australia. In addition, the fill is made from recycled materials.

This comforter is awesome if you want to minimize your impact on the environment. Do you sleep cold at night?Do you need a warm comforter for the fall and winter months? The Buffy should work for you. Even though it is a thinner comforter, I never felt like I need another layer of bedding.

The Buffy kept me warm and insulated.Finally, do you deal with allergies? If you have issues with allergies, a down comforter gives you watery eyes and a runny nose.The Buffy is a hypoallergenic comforter and the eucalyptus also helps fights the buildup of allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew.

You should be sleeping clear-eyed and dry-nosed under the Buffy. Do want a super lofty comforter? If you prefer this cloud-like feeling, the Buffy might not be for you. It is a thin comforter that doesn’t raise too far off the bed. If you want a fluffy comforter, this is probably not the best option. Also, are you a hot sleeper?

The Buffy might cause you to overheat. The cover and fill contain 37.5 technologies, which is designed to regulate your body temperature. However, in my experience, I did overheat a bit. If you sleep hot, this might not be the best option. Finally, if you want a value comforter, the Buffy might not be for you. It is $50-$200 for a Queen-size, which is quite pricey for a down alternative comforter. This might be outside of some people’s price ranges

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